Cloud Computing

Digital Clouds provide cost effective methods for business organisations to access an on-demand supply of scalable IT services. It provides infrastructure, platform and software as services, thereby enabling businesses to build their own services, in a secure and profitable manner.

With its special people-skill mix, IPSR can offer end-to-end services on cloud. IPSR can plan, build and run services on all leading cloud platforms.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services offers Infrastructure as a Service with choice of deployments like Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud or Public Cloud. It offers most of the required cloud based services like Auto Scaling, Block Storage, Cloud Storage, CDN, Databases, Deploy Servers, Direct Connect, Disaster Recovery, DNS Management, File Storage, Load Balancing, Messaging Services, Object Storage, VPN Access etc.

IPSR Cloud Support Team is highly experienced in planning, setting up and deploying the right AWS infrastructure for your requirements.

Google Apps for Work:

Formerly called Google Apps for Business, this offering from Google is Software as a Service, containing a suit of productivity and collaboration tools. Priced in a subscription model, it comprises of great products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google+, Google Apps Vault etc., within the organisation’s domain name.

IPSR can help you plan, configure, migrate/deploy and manage your email and office productivity software on Google Apps for Work.

Google App Engine:

Google App Engine is a Public Cloud offering from Google. It is a Platform as a Service model, with support for Java, PHP, Python and Go. Frameworks such as Django and Wsgi as well as databases like MySQL, PostGreSQL and Google Cloud SQL are supported. Celery, Redis and Solr are available are native services.

IPSR can help you choosing the right platform, develop the Apps of your dreams as well as deploy and manage it on Google App Engine.


Heroku dubs themselves as ‘Everything you need to build, run, and scale’. A Public Cloud operating in Platform as a Service model, it has popular platforms such as Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js and Python. Heroku is hugely popular for their Add-ons, Buildpacks, Buttons, which help developers to add functionality to their applications.

We can help you configure Heroku right and develop, deploy and manage your applications on Heroku.

App Migration:

It would be a wise decision for any organisation to use cloud, leverage mobility and acquire computing resources based on demand, thus achieving flexibility, performance and cost savings.

IPSR Cloud Migration Services can assist you in moving Websites, E-commerce, Web and Mobile Applications, Data and other services to Cloud platforms suitable to your business needs. Using our Managed Service you may access our experienced technical resources to assess your requirements, design the Cloud infrastructure, migrate and validate the migration.