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Web Content Management System (CMS) implies an environment supported by a software application that is compatible to manage the overall content of a website. This can be further elaborated with the example of an HR department in an organization keeping track of the employee details. In a web environment, content implies all the copy, multimedia based information and any other accessible stuff available for the website visitor. The use of a CMS system offers advantages such as timely modification of the website and complete control over the system. Further to this, a CMS requires little technical knowledge for the webmaster to mange the website.

What we deliver
CMS packages we implement can be incorporated for any of the requirements mentioned below and more. We also provide infrastructure services for running your Content Management System.
  • Corporate Portals as well as Midsized Websites
  • Intranets as well as Extranets
  • E-magazines and other Publications
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Charitable Organization Websites
  • Social Networking Portals
  • Educational / Religious institution Websites
  • Personal Homepages.

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