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Open Source
Open Source
The immense pressure to do more with less has resulted in adopting the Open Source Technology as a strategic solution . The Open Source technology has now successfully evolved into its second generation.

These second generation companies now offer Open Source solutions with certified source code, total documentation, and ease of installation. This facilitates enterprises to acquire enterprise grade software solution without risks like platform lock-in.

At ipsr solutions, we select the most appropriate Open Source solutions ranging from Servers, Databases, Applications to requirement specific source codes to offer a new IT ecosystem to your business environment. This strategically formulated solution provides high return on your investment without compromising the value chain of your IT capability.
How Open Source helps?
For any sort of Technology Migration, there should be a valid reason. Here we will evaluate how Open Source technology will help to reduce operational cost with increased profit.

The Application/ Infrastructure sector is now using much more technically advanced solutions which are cost effective by making use of Open Source technologies. Open Source technologies also offer a high degree of security coupled with ease of deployment. An example is the common use of Linux servers which can function as the firewall and router, local file server, at the same time having other functions. In fact, Linux is more often used as an OS kernel for products that are purchased from entrepreneurial firms for wireless devices and routing. Thus it is evident that Open Source technologies provide cost effective solutions that suits your budget and offer maximum value for money. The technology offers unprecedented advantages which include:
  • Reliability & optimal performance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ease of deployment
  • Freedom from Vendor lock in issues
  • Security
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