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A Smart, Quality-centred Question Bank System
QnSmart is an easy-to-use and efficient Question Paper Management Tool crafted from the expertise of Academicians and IT Professionals. It structures, standardizes and simplifies the tedious task of creating question papers. Really cost-effective, it facilitates an intelligent monitoring of question paper quality through the Bloom’s Taxonomy Model, repetition control and incorporation of Best Practices recommended by accreditation agencies.



deQ: Accreditation

Accreditation is the best brand strategy when it comes to building a top-notch educational institution. It helps to meet essential regulatory norms, enhance funding, attract foreign collaborations and quality students, launch new programmes and influence the corporate world for collaborations and employment.

deQ: Accreditations is a creative application, which will help Higher Education Institutions to monitor and maintain their Quality based on various criteria.

It helps HEIs to:

Teachers can also benefit by generating reports required for the PBAS and API.

Not merely a data collection tool, deQ is a quality tool distilled from the expertise and experience of a stellar academic panel, thus helping to impart knowledge, domain expertise and best practices for your institution. This will help you make informed and intelligent decisions that will co-create a quality process with the tool and the addon consulting support from its mentor panel.


 deQ: AMA

deQ:AMA(Academics Management Application) is a suite of applications that will help academic institutions to automate all their academic, administrative and financial operations. It covers the basic activities of an HEI, with modules such as Student Intake, Fees, Timetable, Calendar, Attendance, Internal Examinations, A/B Forms and other Reports, Issue of Certificates etc.

The application has web and mobile interfaces.

Presently, the Academics Management Application module in deQ contains the following submodules.

Many of the related modules such as Academic Performance Indicators (API), Leave Management, Alumni, Feedback System, Student Behaviour Tracking and Analytics etc are under development.

deQ: OBE

More than a buzzword, Outcome Based Education (OBE) is becoming a de facto standard in India, with the mandate from regulatory bodies.

In the standard education system, teachers teach the students in a scope and sequence mode, while OBE focuses and organise learning around what the students are expected to do at the end of their learning experiences.

deQ: OBE software application from IPSR helps HEIs to:

deQ: Learning 

deQ: Learning provides a digital platform for creating tailor-made learning environments to make academics efficient, exciting and result-driven.


IPSR has a great team of academic experts consisting of Vice-Chancellors, University Administrators, NAAC Peer Team Members, Principals and highly experienced Senior Teachers, who bring in a collective experience of over 400 years.

We offer consultancy and training services to HEIs regarding student-centred learning practices, assessment and evaluation strategies with a thrust on OBE, accreditations and various other aspects of academics.

Being a technology company, we also offer academic assistance and placement related support to technical institutions.

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