Custom Web Applications

A custom web application might be required for various reasons, mostly because it can provide a tailor-made solution that can satisfy all the business requirements of an organization. It allows to choose technology, be device independent and cater to all stakeholders, unlike an off-the-shelf application. IPSR has expertise in most of the leading technology platforms. Whether it is a web-front for an integrated application or a multi-service portal or a completely manageable, interactive website, we have the right technologies and methodologies to deliver.


Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP is a very popular platform that many leading web applications use. It also provides ample scope for integrating solutions from the Open Source world. IPSR has great expertise in frameworks like Code Igniter, Cake PHP, Symfony, Zend etc.


The Microsoft platform for application development, ASP.NET provides many advantages to organisations that have been using Windows platform. IPSR has been into this platform since the classic ASP and are experts in ASP.NET MVC model, Web Services, AJAX libraries and the latest .NET framework.


Java has been popular since its inception, due to its robustness and platform independence. Java applications can range from simple JSP web applications to enterprise level deployments that span across platforms and devices. IPSR can help with all types of Java development, including modern application server deployments such as JBoss and frameworks such as Struts and Spring.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a modern technology and Rails provide a great framework for custom web application development. One of the greatest benefits that Ruby on Rails offers is rapid application development, which can significantly reduce coding time. Our experts can help you build consumer and enterprise web applications on Ruby on Rails.


Python has been around since the beginning of the web and has evolved greatly to suit the modern day application requirements. Python focuses on working quickly. The emergence of Django Framework has further accelerated development by providing a robust foundation for Python development. IPSR can help you leverage on Python and Django for web apps, web services and APIs that required efficient data handling.


Node.js is JavaScript on the server-side, very efficient in powering real-time network applications. Its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O API makes it suitable for highly scalable applications. Though a relatively new technology, IPSR has expertise in building Node.js applications using SDKs like AppJS.