IT Finishing School

The IPSR IT Finishing School is a unique mentoring opportunity for students to equip themselves for the challenges ahead in an IT career. It enables them with technical and soft skills required to compete for an entry into the IT corporates and thrive further.

The Finishing School programme has been designed as internships in networking and software development streams. The programs offer lab based training from certified faculty, followed by opportunities to work in live environment alongside networking and programming professionals, for which they shall receive experience certificates. Participants may also equip them with IT certifications which could provide them an edge in the job market.

Participants also receive workshop oriented training sessions on personality development, communication skills and team skills. Resume preparation, interview techniques and GD skills gear them up to face the recruitment challenges.

Another innovative approach in aptitude training portal which helps the participants with aptitude questions and makes them proficient in self-assessment and personal reviews. Regularly updated question banks and notes ensure that students attempting in a self-paced manner get the best subject exposure and real-time training. The timed objective testing and frequent attempts help them to be well versed in what they are learning.

After the carefully crafted training and stringent evaluation, participants are presented before handpicked recruiters, to ensure that they get the best employment opportunities.

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