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Custom Web Applications

IPSR solutions Ltd can provide tailor-made solutions to satisfy all the business requirements of an organization, allowing it to choose technology, be device-independent and cater to all stakeholders, unlike an off-the-shelf application. 

Whether it is a web-front for an integrated application or a multi-service portal or a completely manageable, interactive website, we have the right technologies and methodologies to deliver.

IPSR solutions is well-versed in most of the leading technology platforms like ASP. NET, Java, Ruby on Rails and Python. Our expertise in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) provides ample scope for integrating solutions from the Open Source world. IPSR solutions also has great expertise in frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Code Igniter, Cake PHP, Zend etc.

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Content Management System

Web Content Management System (CMS) implies an environment supported by a software application that is compatible to manage the overall content of a website.

In a web environment, content implies all the copy, multimedia-based information and any other accessible stuff available for the website visitor. The use of a CMS system offers advantages such as timely modification of the website and complete control over the system. Further to this, a CMS requires only little technical knowledge for the webmaster to manage the website. A modern CMS should be simple enough for non-techy users and versatile enough to manage all areas of the website.

In the Open Source world, there are many CMS packages which function out of the box. But a successful CMS is one which understands the business requirements and content requirements of the website. This is where the extensive experience of IPSR can pitch in. We can probe into your organisational requirements and tailor the right solution for you.

We are especially adept in CMS Development with WordPress and WooCommerce Technologies.

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Mobile Applications

With the entire world moving to smartphones, more than 85% of media consumption happens on mobile devices. It means that a huge chunk of the consumers are actively spending their time on mobile.

Any smart business house would want to develop innovative strategies to enable business on mobile platforms.

The agile app development practices at IPSR helps us in planning, developing, testing, analysing and optimizing Mobile Applications that will help you in acquiring, engaging, converting and retaining customers.

While building native apps could have its benefits, it may not be a viable solution in this era of diverse devices. IPSR can provide you with hybrid solutions using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, which can be natively deployed across different mobile platforms.

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E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce enables an enterprise to spread its wings to the global customer. To extend the sales platform to a futuristic dimension, business houses can incorporate software that can run on platforms offered by the World.

E-Commerce enables an enterprise to spread its wings to the global customer. To extend the sales platform to a futuristic dimension, business houses can incorporate software that can run on platforms offered by the World Wide Web. E-business has now penetrated into consumer goods and other production and service-based industries. IPSR solutions’ Web Application Division has proven expertise in creating customised solutions that can manage web-based Business Logistics perfectly. IPSR deals with several open-source e-commerce service platforms including  WooCommerce.


As a natural extension of converting WordPress sites into online shops, WooCommerce has gained great momentum. Very popular for its simplicity, WooCommerce is highly extensible to match any requirements that small to medium scale retail websites might have. IPSR solutions has an experienced team of WooCommerce developers, who can successfully transform your online businesses.

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Business Accounting Solutions

eZcom, the super-efficient accounting software from IPSR solutions that supports  GST inclusion provides you with five different versions with various functionalities. 

eZcom accounting software ranges from the most cost-effective version named eZcom Lite to the most heavily packed version named eZcom Premium, so that users can find the best-suited version for their business. The product has more than 400 satisfied clients in India and UAE alone

eZcom Lite :- For Invoices of Medium and Small Scale Outlets

eZcom Budget :- For Inventory Management and Invoices.

eZcom General :- For Non-Trading Organizations.

eZcom Trading :- For Inventory and Accounts Management of Trading Firms.

eZcom Premium :-  For Inventory and Accounts Management with Premium Features including special features for small scale industries.


Digital Marketing

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, encompasses all digital methods, to promote a business and create awareness about a brand.

 Modern-day digital marketing involves various techniques related to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and other Online Advertising and most of all, Content marketing.

IPSR follows a data-driven approach by providing the following services:


SEO services from IPSR solutions can help you devise a comprehensive strategy for your digital marketing activities, with a data-driven approach.


Analytics is all about collecting the maximum available data from all the accessible channels and deriving meaningful insights from analysing the same. We adopt, customize or build tools required for gathering and analysing data to prepare intelligent reports.


Business strategies are created based on meaningful information available to the management. This includes data about customers, products and services, competitors and other stakeholders. IPSR can devise tools and methods to collect and analyse data to provide the intelligence required by executives in decision making.


With the emergence of Social Media, everything in the world appears more related than ever. Human beings and their activities link together individuals, organizations, events, places and various other things. IPSR can help you find the right strategy, by analysing the flow of information and opinion formation in your social media niches.

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