Created by academicians for academicians, QnSmart offers many features which help Higher Education Institutions to reap innumerable benefits.

Following are some of the important features of QnSmart, which have been tried, tested and proven in universities and autonomous colleges.

  • Multi-format Question Papers – Question papers can be generated in any pattern and Parts of Question Paper and Number of Questions can be configured.
  • Syllabus Focus – Question bank can be set against Course Syllabus.
  • Support for Blueprints and Answer Keys.
  • Any type of question – Objective, One Word, Short Answer, Long Answer – can be added.
  • Supports Mathematical, Scientific and Electrical/Electronics symbols in questions
  • Image upload facilities for questions and answer key.
  • Supports 100+ languages; has some handwriting support.
  • Questions are classified based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. So skill to Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate or Create can be examined, which facilitates Outcome Based Evaluation.
  • Questions are set to different difficulty, importance and application levels.
  • Placeholder Questions allowed.
  • Syllabus revisions and migration of questions to similar courses can be facilitated with easy copy and edit options.
  • Technically sound software that is Java-based, secure, responsive and fully open-source.
  • Supports latest versions of popular browsers.
  • Logs all activities.
  • Enables bulk upload of questions using MS Excel.
  • Uses industry standard design tools.
  • Globally accepted editor.
  • Enables format adjusting of question paper generated as HTML to PDF.
  • Manages security by making access to the system bound by an authentication and authorization mechanism.
  • Includes a configurable external back up mechanism.
  • Single point of control
  • Question paper rules can be designed to be same or different to suit various courses.
  • Supports both mark and grade systems.
  • Visual verification options of question paper quality – distribution, repetition, difficulty/importance/application levels, Bloom’s taxonomy levels – for CoE and the faculty concerned.
  • Options for teachers and CoE to verify Question Bank quality
  • Periodic notifications about Question Bank health.
  • Generates reports of user rights on courses, status of question bank, total number and distribution of questions and comparison against question paper criteria.
  • Access limitation – teachers may add or edit the questions only when it is opened to them.
  • Different question bank export modes, for Quality Assurance checks and student use