Mahatma Gandhi University

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam is the latest addition to the list of QnSmart clients. We are really proud that our team could complete the first phase of the project in just one month considering the complexity and expedited nature of the project. MG University is the top NAAC rated university in Kerala and it is the second time winner of the Chancellor's Award. All these has been possible due to the innovative approaches of the University. After being convinced by the opportunities offered by QnSmart, it was decided to implement the system and use it for the third semester UG examinations scheduled for November 2018. With hardly a month in hand, it was a herculean task, to train about 400 teachers to prepare question banks for 300 courses. With 196 colleges and 2 lakh plus students as stakeholders, M. G. University, posed a lot of challenges. But our team worked relentlessly, seeking constant feedback from the University team to smooth all the problems and successfully implement the software. On November 27, 2018, M.G. University became the first Government University to conduct exams with this kind of software, marking an important milestone in the way exams are conducted in India. With huge success in the first step, QnSmart and MG University are confident and optimistic about the 10,000+ exams being conducted annually.