Solutions for Academics

Academics is a domain where lot of innovations happen, which requires appropriate IT support. IPSR was born with Academics in its brain and heart. We have had close ties with hundreds of academic institutions both for academic support and IT solutions. Now we are taking it a step further, by providing software applications with specific domain expertise.


With implementation of Credit and Semester systems as well as increased levels of autonomy, Colleges are required to conduct periodic examinations. Creating question papers for all these occasions is a tedious task and costly when external resources are to be depended upon. QnSmart by IPSR is a web based software solution for question paper generation and question bank maintenance. It randomly generates question papers in 4 seconds and adheres to all set criteria. Same questions and same topic are not repeated in a Question Paper. Bloom’s taxonomy, Difficulty levels, Importance levels and Question types (Theory/Practical) ensure that all the Question Papers will adhere to basic standards. Supports 100+ languages (Unicode), Google Input tool and Handwriting options in the Google Input tool. Completely does away with annual spending on questions papers and and takes away all the headaches from Controller of Examinations as question papers may be generated any time they want.

College Management & ERP

An educational institutions becaomes great, when academic and administrational capabilities peak. The College Management Application from IPSR attempts to IT enable the day-to-day activities in higher education, thereby satisfying the needs of teachers, students, parents and the administration. It is a comprehensive academic management solution, to vitalize the academic activities, raise standards of education, streamline efforts and let everyone focus on what they do the best. This translates to better productivity, higher grades of accreditation, student quality, teaching experience and hastle-free management all boiling down to time, energy and costs saved

Aptitude Training

The Aptitude Training portal from IPSR offers software and subject expertise as a service to academic institutions. It has a simple foundation – practice makes perfect. Aptitude tests are widely used these days for admissions, evaluations and recruitments. The underlying concept is that each question has only one correct answer and anyone may correctly solve the question. So the test relys on the time factor, to measure expertise or aptitude. Our aptitude training portal has thousands of standardised questions from diverse areas like Mathematics, Reasoning, English, IT etc, prepared and vetted by a team of 25 experts. Through repeated attempts, students can evaluate themselves and learn in the process. The timed exams, immediate evaluation and detailed solutions for attempted questions ensure that the process is fun and rewarding. These resources will assist candidates preparing for IT recruitment drives/campus placements, GATE, IBPS, UGC-NET, JRF, CAT, GMAT etc.