Assumption College

Fast Facts
Industry: Education
Address: Assumption College, Changanacherry, Kottayam- 686101, Kerala, India
phone : 0481 2420109
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One of QnSmart’s earliest clients, Assumption College, is one of Kerala’s leading women’s colleges, known for great academics and a stellar track record in sports. The college who upholds quality in all spheres of education was determined to automate their question paper creation process to enhance quality and avoid question paper creation.

The implementation support team of ipsr solutions ltd worked hand in hand with the college faculty team to successfully establish the system at the college in 2019. The faculty was trained thoroughly till they understood the purpose of the solution; that it was not a mere automation tool, but a means of achieving quality enhancement and easing their burden.


"A question from the same section of a lesson would have a different application in Part B and Part C. In B, it would be to Analyse, whereas in C it would be to Evaluate. Now, we are absolutely sure that only one question will come from one unit."

Dr Jaisymol Augustine
HOD & Assistant Professor
Department of Malayalam
Assumption College, Changanacherry

"As teachers themselves are preparing the questions, the entire syllabus is being covered well. When we purchase questions from outside, at times only certain areas are covered. All these are being rectified now. We had a little difficulty in the implementation period. But now it’s smooth sailing."

Dr Sherine Thomas
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Assistant Controller of Examinations
Assumption College, Changanacherry

"The new Question Paper system discourages rote learning as the quality of questions is really high. It encourages thinking and application."

Rev. Sr Cherukusumam CMC
Principal of Assumption College