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Bloom’s Taxonomy? A Video Primer for Indian Educators – Part 1

A Video Primer on the Cognitive domain of Bloom's Taxonomy, by Dr. Sunil Job. Gain a basic understanding of Bloom's scientific classification of knowledge levels.

How to Prepare An OBE Manual For Your HEI

The educational system of India over the ages have experienced tremendous transformation in its approach and priorities. India’s permanent signatory membership in WA (an international agreement among nations to mutually recognize and accept the qualification accredited by signatories of the countries nations) mandates the adoption of OBE approach at Higher Technical Education system. Outcome-based education […]


Rubrics: A Criterion-referenced Evaluation Manual for Enhancing Objectivity

“Assessment is like an engine that drives students learning”. In this context, it is important that the engine should be flawless and perfectly tuned to a certain level of standards. A simple anecdote to depict the significance of the consolidation and tuning of the assessment tool is narrated here.  “Once three persons were assigned a […]


Highlights of National Education Policy 2020 (NEP)

National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) has marked an epoch development in the educational landscape of India. The policy envisions an India centred education system compatible to transform India to a vibrant knowledge society. Remarkably, the thrust area of the new education policy is to make the system of education well-resourced and multidisciplinary by the consolidation […]


How to frame questions at higher levels of cognitive domain? Bloom’s Taxonomy – Part 3

Learn to frame questions in the higher orders of Bloom’s Taxonomy - Evaluating and Creating. The third part of the Bloom's Taxonomy video series by IPSR AcademiX, is highly helpful to HEI educators is visualising curriculum design for higher education in new perspectives.


How to frame questions at variant levels of cognitive domain? Bloom’s Taxonomy – Part 2

Second part of the Bloom's Taxonomy video series by IPSR AcademiX. Dr. Sunil Job helps HEI educators to frame questions in the base levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Learn how to apply the concepts of Bloom’s Taxonomy for better curriculum design, improvised teaching-learning process as well as effective evaluation design.


How to Conduct Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) – Templates Included

The NAAC expects the institutions to undertake AAA to monitor and evaluate the institutional process through systematic internal and external reviews. In order to introduce academic reforms, review their progress and support reforms in the respective Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), it was necessary to implement Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA). The Academic and Administrative Audit […]


Assessment Practices and Question Banks

Assessment and Evaluation are the processes which are integrated into the teaching at both interactive and post-active phases. An Achievement Test is one of the most commonly used summative assessment tools. Question Bank is a Best Practice for the generation of a good Achievement Test.


Active Learning: Understand the Keys to Learning and Apply in Teaching

To learn something well, students should be able to hear it, see it, do it, ask questions about it and to discuss it with others.

Case Studies

Questions for Examination are Not Just an Assumption

Assumption College, Changanacherry adopts QnSmart Question Bank System to improve question paper quality.


Fight COVID 19 – Keep Distance and Avail Distance Learning

A collection of Online resources to assist Distance Learning, during the COVID 19 lockdown.



Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Outcome Based Education, answered by experts in our mentor panel.


Learning Strategies: OBE Workshop at SH College, Thevara

The 2-day OBE Workshop led by Dr Mendus Jacob and Dr Sunil Job, on 5th and 6th March March 2020 held at SH College, Thevara was a great primer for educators who are trying to get a firm grasp of this new addition to the Indian HEI system.


Indian Higher Education in synergy with International Standards

A quick glimpse into government policies in the Indian higher education scenario after the Independence and the major changes that include autonomy and outcome based learning that evolved from these to create standards of excellence.

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