Business Accounting Solutions

eZcom, the super-efficient accounting software from IPSR solutions that supports GST inclusion provides you with five different versions with various functionalities.

eZcom accounting software ranges from the most cost-effective version named eZcom Lite to the most heavily packed version named eZcom Premium, so that users can find the best-suited version for their business. The product has more than 400 satisfied clients in India and UAE alone.

eZcom Lite : For Invoices of Medium and Small Scale Outlets
eZcom Budget : For Inventory Management and Invoices.
eZcom General : For Non-Trading Organizations.
eZcom Trading : For Inventory and Accounts Management of Trading Firms.
eZcom Premium : For Inventory and Accounts Management with Premium Features including special features for small scale industries.


  • Powerful accounting and inventory management system
  • Accounting Knowledge not required for operating the software
  • Already upgraded to GST regime
  • Specially designed for retail and small scale industries
  • Online and Onsite support and training
  • 16 years presence in the accounting software industry
  • A large number of satisfied customers in India and Gulf countries
  • Attractive and optimized invoice print
  • Accurate information for better business decision
  • Easy availability of information for submitting statutory returns

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