Content Management System

Web Content Management System (CMS) implies an environment supported by a software application that is compatible to manage the overall content of a website.

In a web environment, content implies all the copy, multimedia-based information and any other accessible stuff available for the website visitor. The use of a CMS system offers advantages such as timely modification of the website and complete control over the system. Further to this, a CMS requires only little technical knowledge for the webmaster to manage the website. A modern CMS should be simple enough for non-techy users and versatile enough to manage all areas of the website.

In the Open Source world, there are many CMS packages which function out of the box. But a successful CMS is one which understands the business requirements and content requirements of the website. This is where the extensive experience of IPSR can pitch in. We can probe into your organisational requirements and tailor the right solution for you.

We are especially adept in CMS Development with WordPress and WooCommerce Technologies.

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