"A question from the same section of a lesson would have a different application in Part B and Part C. In B, it would be to Analyse, whereas in C it would be to Evaluate. Now, we are absolutely sure that only one question will come from one unit."

Dr Jaisymol Augustine
HOD & Assistant Professor
Department of Malayalam
Assumption College, Changanacherry

"As teachers themselves are preparing the questions, the entire syllabus is being covered well. When we purchase questions from outside, at times only certain areas are covered. All these are being rectified now. We had a little difficulty in the implementation period. But now it’s smooth sailing."

Dr Sherine Thomas
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Assistant Controller of Examinations
Assumption College, Changanacherry

"The new Question Paper system discourages rote learning as the quality of questions is really high. It encourages thinking and application."

Rev. Sr Cherukusumam CMC
Principal of Assumption College

"QnSmart ensures equal distribution of questions among various topics and also ensures that every type of question is incorporated. The team was very friendly, helpful and prompt."

Lilly George
Associate Professor
St Xaviers College for Women, Aluva (MG University)

"QnSmart is needed in every institution. It has improved the quality of exams and saved our time also. Logic wise, the developers of the software have done a great work. Excellent service and support from the team members."

Shiny John
Assistant Professor & HoD
MA College, Kothamangalam

"The biggest advantage of QnSmart is instant question paper generation for supplementary exams and improvement exams. The team’s excellent service, positive attitude, high creativity and keen attention are commendable."

Sherly K.B
Associate Professor & CoE
MA College, Kothamangalam

"The question banks are more standardized and also the setting as it is based on the Blooms Taxonomy with the introduction of the software. The best feature of QnSmart is the excel format which can be easily uploaded to the database. The team’s service is good and prompt solutions are given on time."

Rony Dinoy
Course Coordinator

"With QnSmart, quality of teaching and learning process has improved since no part of syllabus is left out. The questions can be posted in various modes. It boosts the creative skills of academic community. The ultimate beneficiaries are students as they are encouraged to cover the overall syllabus in different perspectives."

SSV College, Valayanchirangara, Perumbavoor (MG University)

"QnSmart will be helpful in enhancing teaching quality as no single topic can be left out. Faculty will get further insight. The product is basically user friendly."

Dr. K.K. John
HOD of Corporate Economics
Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, Pathamuttom (MG University)

"QnSmart improved the quality of exams as there is no repetition of questions, even in different sections. Questions have even distribution and span the entire syllabus and also give proper importance to thrust areas in the syllabus. 100% user-friendly."

Dr. Anila N
Assistant Professor
Department of Botany, St Xaviers College for Women, Aluva (MG University)

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