AICTE Launch Model Curriculum with NEP 2020

AICTE Model Curriculum with NEP 2020.

AICTE Launch Model Curriculum with NEP 2020

Apr-02-2022, Articles

AICTE is going to launch a model curriculum in line with the National Education Policy, NEP 2020.AICTE model curriculum with NEP 2020 is prepared for Undergraduate disciplines by both academic and industry experts.

The effectiveness of the education system is dependent on a well-developed curriculum that must be measured by the extent to which it is able to attract the young generation into the occupation of the future.  It must also have the ability to deliver and impart necessary skills that help students to learn how to cope with new challenges and prepare them for lifelong learning once they have entered the workforce.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) conducts surveys on facilities for technical education and has developed a AICTE Model Curriculum for Outcome based Education. which will be available for Universities and other Institutions for updating and adoption. This adoption will be advantageous for students to enhance their skills and employability.

The introduction of mandatory induction program for students belonging to diverse backgrounds will help them to adjust in the new academic environment and mandatory internship will prepare them with skills befitting industry expectations. Though AICTE had introduced the first model curriculum in 2017, they have revised the new syllabus and launched a new AICTE model curriculum with NEP 2020/syllabus which holds all the pointers   based on the National Education Policy (NEP)2020. The model curriculum with NEP 2020 includes the topics in various subjects including Degree and Diploma Courses.

The books for the courses are underlined in the suggested format by AICTE, but there is space for improvement as these are just suggestive options. This model syllabus is important, but it is not necessary to implement it as it is and the colleges and universities can make changes in the curriculum suiting their curriculum structure.

AICTE Model curriculum with NEP 2020 has been designed in such a way that it encourages innovation and research as the total number of credits have been reduced and many new courses have been incorporated in consultation with industry experts. AICTE will ensure the revision of the model curriculum on a regular basis and this update will help students to achieve better employability, start-ups and other avenues for higher education. 

Key points of AICTE model curriculum with NEP 2020:

The policy envisages broad based, multidisciplinary holistic Undergraduate education with flexible curricula, creative combinations of subjects, integration of vocational education and multiple entries and exit points with appropriate certification, Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) to be established to facilitate transfer of credits, Multidisciplinary Education and Research Universities (MERU’s) at par with IIT’s, IIM’s, to be set up as models of best multidisciplinary education of global standards in the country.

The National Research Foundation will be created as an apex body for fostering a strong research culture and building research capacity across Higher Education, Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) will be set up as a single overarching umbrella body for entire higher education and Public and Private higher education institutions will be governed by the same set of norms for regulation, accreditation and academic standards.

Outcome Based Education – hallmark of New Education Policy: 

New Education Policy will reduce regulatory hassles and promote autonomy in the higher education sector and make learning outcomes a key part of India’s education sector. The NEP clearly acknowledges the need to embrace output focused reform than the current input model. The New Education Policy 2020 will enable creative learning among students and boost their employment prospects. The Union Government has introduced many changes in the higher education segment to make the education system well organized, to reduce complexity of regulatory norms and to achieve global standards by internationalization of education.

New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) aims to recognize the need to evaluate ‘higher order skills’ such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, visualization, idea generation and emphasizes on multidisciplinary learning and no separations are made between vocational and academic streams. Shifting the focus of assessments from academic grades to higher order skills creates higher performance standards demonstrated through varying degrees of competency across social levels.  

Mr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman AICTE during a conference focusing on the implementation of NEP said that Model Curriculum with NEP 2020 comes into force from time to time and the next model will be launched any time. He further said that as every university is autonomous, they can make necessary changes in the AICTE model curriculum with NEP 2020 according to their suitability. The revised AICTE model curriculum with NEP 2020 has been designed where the students can understand the industry requirements and have hands-on experience. The students will develop a problem solving approach and will be able to meet the challenges of the future. 


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Dr. Sunil Job K. A​

A highly-esteemed resource person in Outcome-Based Education (OBE), Blooms Taxonomy, Data Analytics and Visualization, Machine Learning, and Research Methodology, Dr. Sunil Job has 25+ years of teaching experience and 10+ years of corporate consultancy experience. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Education and has been an Associate Professor at M.G. University, College of Teacher Education. He has served as the Chief Examiner of Valuation Board of M.G. University B.Ed Program, Visiting Team Member of NCTE for grant of recognition and as a resource person for affiliation renewal committee of M.G. University. An active blogger in cutting edge technologies in IT, Education and Data Science, Dr. Job has published articles in National Journals and authored a few academic books and a reference manual in mathematics.

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