deQ: Accreditation

Accreditation is the best brand strategy when it comes to building a top-notch educational institution. It helps to meet essential regulatory norms, enhance funding, attract foreign collaborations and quality students, launch new programmes and influence the corporate world for collaborations and employment.

deQ: Accreditation is a creative Accreditation software application, which will help Higher Education Institutions to monitor and maintain their Quality based on various criteria.
Teachers can also benefit by generating reports required for the PBAS/CAS and API.

It helps HEIs to:
  • continuously gather data required for accreditations/ranking/certifications
  • avoid repeated data collection efforts by having a central repository for data and media
  • conduct internal quality audits
  • export data and create reports which can assist in the requirements for NAAC, NIRF, AAA, AISHE, NBA, ABET, SAAC and other requirements.

Not merely a data collection tool, deQ is a quality Accreditation software tool distilled from the expertise and experience of a stellar academic panel, thus helping to impart knowledge, domain expertise and best practices for your institution. This will help you make informed and intelligent decisions that will co-create a quality process with the tool and the addon consulting support from its mentor panel.


  • Simplified source level, data collection based on various quality indices.
  • In-form expert suggestions for Quality Enhancement.
  • Options to upload activity reports, photos and video
  • Efficiently structured data and file repositories
  • Feedback systems
  • Quality Monitoring options for IQAC
  • Provisions for Internal Quality Audits
  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Data inputs for AQAR and SSR
  • Data inputs for various quality audits such as Green Audit or Gender Audit
  • Options for selectively excluding data for various reports
  • Focus on NAAC, NIRF, UGC, AISHE, AAA, API/PBAS, SAAC and many more.
  • Access to Knowledge Hub created by experts
  • Add on consultancy service from Academic and Administrative experts
  • Add on support for international accreditations

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