Anvil’s Hybrid System for Higher Education Teacher Training: UGC Chairman

Anvil’s Hybrid System for Higher Education Teacher Training: UGC Chairman

Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman of UGC and AICTE, said here on Saturday on the implementation of the new education policy. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines ofNitte’s convocation (considered a university), Kumar said India, which is expected to start operating from July 2023, will train teachers partially online through its digital university. said it was proposed. About 100 centres were identified for 15 days of physical training.

He said the UGC set up a committee made up of representatives from the Ministry of Education, AICTE, UGC and other stakeholders to consider training methods and select training centres.

IIT and IIM professionals are engaged in training. “The introduction of new courses and programs and the training of teachers go hand in hand,” he said.

Regarding research grants, Kumar said there was fierce competition from universities for research grants from UGC, the Ministry of Science and Technology, CSIR and other institutions. UGC calls on universities to set up research ecosystems and establish R&D departments to fund funding agencies.

According to him, UGC is working on a bill for the Higher Education Council of India (HECI). HECI consists of four vertical bodies: the National Higher Education Regulatory Council, the National Accreditation Council, and the National Research Foundation. “We have had meetings with deputy prime ministers from all categories and briefed them on what is to come. We are mentally preparing them,” he said. I’m trying to synchronize all regulations to simplify the process of

Interdisciplinary research in technical education, general education and skill education offers a lot of flexibility, he said. UGC is working to introduce awareness of previous learning. This allows a professional with previous work experience to earn credits and be considered for her second year of the course.

The four-year Honors degree program was introduced at some universities as part of the

NEP directly qualifies these graduates for doctoral studies. “This will bring many creative and innovative young people into the research field,” he said.


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