Day 1 Glimpses of National level Online Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology using ChatGPT and AI tools and funding Opportunities by Marian College Kuttikkanam

Unlocking Doors of Knowledge: Learning to know more, gain more!


 Day 1 of the National Level Online Faculty Development Program, by Marian College Kuttikkanam Autonomous in association with KSHEC, unfolded with profound insights and esteemed speakers. 

Dr. Mendus Jacob, Professor and Director, MCA, Marian College, set the tone with an insightful introduction to the FDP, paving the way for a day dedicated to knowledge and innovation. Dr. Suresh Namboothiri, in his Inaugural Address, shared wisdom, and Dr. Rajan Varughese, Member Secretary, KSHEC, added a presidential touch to the proceedings.

The Principal’s Address by Dr. Ajimon George echoed a commitment to educational excellence, and Dr. Joby Cyriac, Vice Principal & IQAC Coordinator, expressed gratitude in the Vote of Thanks. Their words fueled the anticipation for a journey filled with growth and learning.

A technical session led by Dr. Suresh Namboothiri, Director, Espoir Technologies, Pune, added a practical dimension to the day, ensuring that educators were not only inspired but also equipped with the tools for future success. 

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Join us in this educational revolution, where each day unlocks new doors of opportunity and knowledge.