Four-year UG program from 2023 to 2024:Details from UGC Chairman

Four-year UG program from 2023 to 2024:Details from UGC Chairman

The four-year UG program or this FYUGP is expected to be adopted by all universities by 2023-24. Below are the details from the UGC Chairman.

From the India Today web desk:

The framework of the four-year undergraduate program (FYUGP) to be rolled out in all higher education institutions from the 2023-2024 academic session was finalized by the University Grants Committee (UGC).

UGC said these four-year bachelor’s degrees will be distributed to all universities in the country starting next week.

FYUGP will be rolled out in most state and private universities and all 45 central universities from the next academic session. In addition, many recognized universities also agree to implement the program.

About the 4-year UG program

FYUGP will be endorsed by UGC for both current and alumni for 2023-2024 with the option for all freshmen to choose a four-year undergraduate program.

This means that students enrolled in her standard three-year degree program this academic year may also have the opportunity to enroll in her four-year degree program beginning in the following session.

According to UGC, all students have access to her four-year undergraduate program but are not required to enroll. Students have the opportunity to complete a three-year undergraduate program. According to UGC President M Jagadesh Kumar, the undergraduate four-year full curriculum will be released soon.

FYUGP rules

According to the UGC chairman, first- or second-year students who are already enrolled in college should also be given the opportunity to take a four-year undergraduate course.

UGC also gives various universities the freedom to create their own rules and regulations through academic and executive committees.

Depending on the university’s decision, even a final-year student may have the opportunity to enroll him in her four-year UG program, the president said. Explaining the importance of these adjustments, the UGC Chair explained that if only freshmen were given the chance to enroll in her FYUGP, the outcome of the program he would know in four years. On the other hand, if older children have the opportunity to participate, the results will appear sooner.

MPhil and PhD

After completing a four-year bachelor’s degree, students pursuing a two-year postgraduate degree and their MPhil must achieve at least a 55% grade to be admitted to the doctoral program. However, MPhil programs are no longer offered. In the next few years, several major universities will also no longer offer her MPhil courses as part of changes made as part of the country’s education policy.


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