Anniversary of NEP 2020: PM Modi Launches New Initiatives

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Anniversary of NEP 2020: PM Modi Launches New Initiatives

Aug-17-2021, Articles

NEP 2020 was approved by the Union Cabinet last year replacing the education policy framed in 1986. It aims to transform the education system of India paving the way for transformational reforms in schools and higher educational institutions.

As the National Education Policy (NEP) completed one year on July 29, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the educationists, students, and teachers from across the country on Thursday via video conferencing. The PM launched multiple initiatives in the education sector, like SAFAL, ABC, and NISHITHA 2.0. Some of the other initiatives include:

  •  A website dedicated to artificial intelligence and the National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) was also launched. This is expected to play a big role in improving the digital technologies of India, along with the upcoming National Education Technology Forum (NETF).
  •  New courses have been added to the universities for developing the skills of students across universities. Mother language has been added to the education system for higher education institutions, by which engineering educational institutions will admit more than 600 students in BTech courses in regional languages.
  •  NEP 2020 also aims to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education, including vocational education from 26.3%  in 2018 to 50% by 2035.  Some of the reforms outlined to achieve this are:
  1. The choice between three-year or four-year undergraduate courses
  2. Academic Bank of Credit
  3. Multiple entries and exit options in degree courses
  4. Internationalization of Higher Education
  5. Addition of 3.5 crore seats in higher education institutions which will now have a single regulator
  6. Discontinuation of M.Phil programmes.
  7. Fixing of fees                   
  • The National Research Foundation will be created as an apex body, for fostering a strong research culture and building research capacity across higher education.

Some of the provisions of NEP 2020 are changes in the structure of four-year undergraduate programs with multiple entries and exit options, a multidisciplinary course structure, a digital repository, an academic credit bank, etc. These initiatives taken under NEP 2020 will play a big role in creating a new India and would mark a significant step towards realizing NEP 2020 that will make the education sector more vibrant and accessible and is a guiding philosophy for changing the learning landscape, making education holistic and for building strong foundations for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, said  PM Modi.  


Watch the video below:

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