National level Intercollegiate Faculty Development Program on Outcome-Based Education & Bloom’s Taxonomy (2021)

One Week Faculty Development Programme on OBE Education September 2021

National level Intercollegiate Faculty Development Program on Outcome-Based Education & Bloom’s Taxonomy (2021)

Nov-30-2021, Articles

The “Outcome-Based Education” (OBE) model is being adopted at a fast pace at colleges in India at the moment. It is considered a giant leap forward to improve technical education in India and help Indian Engineers compete with their global counterparts. How is OBE going to change the education in India, or why is it important was the aim of this FDP and Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, Kolkata is committed to serving this goal in association with ipsr solutions limited. 

The National level Intercollegiate Faculty Development Program on Outcome-Based Education and Bloom’s Taxonomy was a successful event conducted as an online webinar for six days (November 8th to November 15th ) focusing on the  Higher education institution’s OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION as per the NEP Policy 2020.


About the Faculty Development Program:

The FDP sessions were delivered through live webinars and also through hands-on activities like Learning Management Portal (LMS). Outcome-based education is defined as an approach to education in which decisions about the curriculum are made and at the end of the course students should be able to present – professional knowledge, skills, abilities, values, and attitudes- rather than on the educational process and also it generates a transparent expectation of excellent results.

The event was marked with the presence of almost 1600+ participants from 400+ colleges within 27 States (including UTs) .

The Outcomes of this FDP were: 

Faculty would be able to:

  • Identify the relevance and scope of OBE
  • Formulate PO’s, PSO’s and CO’s appropriately using Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs
  • Prepare an appropriate course design for OBE
  • Compute the final grade points of CO’s, PSO’s and PO’s related to the Programme
  • Apply tools to prepare various analytics reports on OBE as per the NAAC perspective.

Day 1 of FDP:

The first day of the National-level Intercollegiate Online Faculty Development Program began with the Inaugural Session on (November 8th, 2021) at 7 pm, in the presence of principal – Swami Kamalathananda, convenor – Swami Vedanuragananda, and Dr. Mendus Jacob (Guest of Honour – CEO IPSR).  The program was followed by Introductory Remarks by Dr. Mendus Jacob – M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., MIoD, M.D & C.E.O – IPSR & Valin Technologies, U.K. Director – MCA, Marian College, Kuttikkanam (Autonomous), Former Director of School of Applicable Mathematics, M.G. University and Academician and Entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience.



Also, a poll on how proficient are you in OBE was taken through Mentimeter and the results are 0% expert in OBE, with 11% who had good knowledge and 46% moderate knowledge on OBE and 43% were new to OBE.

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About the Learning Domains, an FDP Session had taken place and it was by Dr. Sunil Job K.A, Chief of Academic Solutions – IPSR, Former College Principal and an OBE Specialist, a Blogger and Resource person for National conferences, and An academician with 25+ years of experience. 


Day 2 and Day 3 of FDP:

From Day 2 and day 3, the sessions were  Introduction to OBE and Formulation of Outcomes, Assessment Design and Mapping Outcomes Session by Dr. Sunil Job.

image8 e1638248575404


DAY 4 of FDP:

On day 4, OBE – the underlying threads session was taken by Mr. Suresh Namboothiri, M.Tech, MBA, Founder member of the education innovation company – Espoir Technologies, Product development specialist with 30+ years of experience, Sought after interviewer for senior positions of leading companies, Former COO, Tata Motors, and Part of the team that developed India’s first car – Tata Indica and was Credited with designing and developing India’s first Microwave oven, Washing Machine, No-frost Refrigerator, etc.

image9 e1638248542954

Day 5 of FDP:

On day 5, Day 5  a session on the Calculation of Attainment in OBE  was taken by Dr. Mendus Jacob. And a session on OBE Analytics Reports and Tools for accrued by Mr. Sijo Thomas, MCA, MPhil, Ph. D Scholar, Consultant Software Architect, Professional with 10+ years of experience in the Education and IT Industry and an Expertise in developing Academic Solution products implementing cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and AI.

image5 e1638248653508

The Final Day:

The final day’s session was on ‘OBE- Road Ahead’ and Best practices by Dr. Mendus Jacob, followed by the valedictory ceremony.


Hands-on Activity through LMS:

This event has witnessed some interesting question-answer sessions and also witnessed usage of Mentimeter Polls which simultaneously resulted in a good outcome. One interesting question raised by Dr. Mendus Jacob was; “Which are the strong pillars of Teacher? ” subsequently answered by the experts in the form of word Art.

image7 e1638248785672

Also through the Mentimeter poll, a question was asked “ what are the best features of this FDP,

Most of the participants liked the LMS Contents, the second was the live sessions, and then overall the participants had felt the FDP on OBE was a good one, which made them know and understand better on OBE.

image11 e1638248865396

The Shift from Content-based Education to Outcome-based Education, The adoption of OBE at Higher education institutions are considered to be a great step forward for higher education in India but the actual success lies in the effective adoption and stringent accreditation process to ensure the quality of education is maintained.



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