White paper on Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

OBE Whitepaper

White paper on Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

Mar-25-2020, Whitepapers

Designing and Implementing Outcome Based Education (OBE) for Indian HEIs

All the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in India are pondering about Outcome Based Education (OBE), as NBA and NAAC are advising its implementation. There are many advisors who give varying ideas on OBE implementation. This white paper helps you to quickly navigate through OBE essentials and create a roadmap for OBE in your institution, with a strict focus on calculating the attainment.

This may be useful to HEI managements, top officials and teachers who wish to gain the concepts of OBE.

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A highly-esteemed resource person in Outcome-Based Education (OBE), Blooms Taxonomy, Data Analytics and Visualization, Machine Learning, and Research Methodology, Dr. Sunil Job has 25+ years of teaching experience and 10+ years of corporate consultancy experience. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Education and has been an Associate Professor at M.G. University, College of Teacher Education. He has served as the Chief Examiner of Valuation Board of M.G. University B.Ed Program, Visiting Team Member of NCTE for grant of recognition and as a resource person for affiliation renewal committee of M.G. University. An active blogger in cutting edge technologies in IT, Education and Data Science, Dr. Job has published articles in National Journals and authored a few academic books and a reference manual in mathematics.

9 Replies to “White paper on Outcome-Based Education (OBE)”

  1. DR SANA SHEIK says:

    This course is informative

  2. Ashwini Prasad says:

    He is very Knowledgeable person.Thank you for the very informative talk.

  3. Thank you Dr Sana Sheik and Ashwini Prasad for your kind words.

  4. SHILPA B says:

    Thank you for informative talk

  5. Prof.S. Sekar says:

    Excellent overview on OBE System in HEI. This document has written in an easy method of learning basis of OBE System, applicable to any new academicians who does not have any basic idea of OBE. Great Work done to education society.

  6. Dr.S.D.K.SHRI DEVI says:

    This talk gives us a thorough knowledge about Bloom’s taxonomy even to beginners. Thank you Dr. Sunil Job K.A for your amazing contribution to learned society.

  7. Shahanas says:

    Very informative

  8. Dr.Sinumol Thomas says:


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