deQ: OBE

More than a buzzword, Outcome Based Education (OBE) is becoming a de facto standard in India, with the mandate from regulatory bodies.

In the standard education system, teachers teach the students in a scope and sequence mode, while OBE focuses and organise learning around what the students are expected to do at the end of their learning experiences.

deQ: OBE software application from IPSR helps HEIs to:

  • Define POs, PSOs, and COs
  • Define Weightage Scale and Ratios for Direct/Indirect Assessment as well as Internals/Final Examination
  • Define attainment targets at HEI, Programme and Course levels
  • Define PO-CO and PSO-CO mapping
  • Define the scheme of assessment at HEI level, with option for customisation at Course levels
  • Enter scores for assessments, examinations, and activities
  • Calculate OBE attainment at various levels
  • Progression Reports and Reports for Accreditation agencies

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