deQ: OBE

A Quality Monitoring Tool for Better Learning Outcomes

deQ: Accreditation

Comprehensive Report Generation for Multiple Accreditations

deQ: AMA

Technology that Simplifies HEI Administration

deQ: Learning

Tailor-made Learning Environments for Better Results

About deQ

deQ is an academics management ecosystem specially designed for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to ensure quality across different processes like learning, accreditation, outcomes and institution management.

A cloud-based, scalable platform, it leverages technology to mine data that facilitates real-time monitoring and effective decision making.


In today’s world when information and communication technology (ICT) converges with every aspect of HEI management, deQ becomes an important tool for your institution to meet your quality needs.

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No Maintenance Worries

  • The ‘Cloud’ takes away server worries.
  • Updated versions provided at no additional cost.
  • Accessible from a white-labelled subdomain of the institution.

Superior Organisation Quality

  • Functionality based User Roles simplifies processes.
  • Multiple User Roles for same user facilitate better organisation.

Knowledge Updation

  • Access to knowledge hub created by experts.
  • Add on consultancy service from Academic and Administrative experts.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Monthly, quarterly reports.
  • Options to upload activity reports, photos and videos.

Rooted in Real Expertise

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