QnSmart – A Smart, Quality-centred Question Bank System

QnSmart is an easy-to-use and efficient Question Paper Management Tool crafted from the expertise of Academicians and IT Professionals. It structures, standardizes and simplifies the tedious task of creating question papers. Really cost-effective, it facilitates an intelligent monitoring of question paper quality through the Bloom’s Taxonomy Model, repetition control and incorporation of Best Practices recommended by accreditation agencies.


Ideal for Universities, Deemed Universities, Autonomous Colleges, Affiliated Colleges and Schools, QnSmart is mentored by a ten-member experienced and expert panel that includes NAAC Peer Team Members, Principal and University decision makers.

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Faster and Better Question Papers

Plan your exams ahead with the easy-to use, zero-stress question paper tool - QnSmart - which focuses on creating quality question papers from efficiently designed Question Banks.

Huge Savings on Question Papers

Academic institutions spend a bomb on creating question papers every year. With QnSmart you could bring it down to a one time cost that is negligible in comparison to your annual expenditure.

Teachers are Creators

The platform encourages intelligent design of question papers that are drawn from Question Banks in the software created by teachers. It becomes a creative and collaborative process that facilitates enhanced teaching-learning.

Accommodates Multiple Elements

Includes question papers in multiple formats, exams of any type - model, supplementary, internal or main, questions of any type - mathematical, scientific, and electrical/electronic symbols.

Outcome-based Education

QnSmart has an in-built Bloom’s Taxonomy Model that helps teachers design assessment strategies for desired learning outcomes.

Improve your Accreditation Ratings

Incorporation of Best Practices recommended by accreditation agencies like NAAC, NBA, ABET and many more would improve your ratings.

A Tool for Efficiency

As an intelligently planned Question Paper Design Platform, QnSmart leaves no room for error. It nudges question creators in the right direction so that they become singularly focused on quality during the process. This takes care of last-minute glitches and poor question bank health which makes the creation process stressful for teachers and the CoEs. And the best part, the question paper can be generated in LESS THAN A MINUTE.

Benefit from our Academic Partnerships

The mentor panel includes Vice-chancellors, Registrars, NAAC Peer Team members, College principals and Controller of Examinations (CoEs). The research and insights of seasoned academicians tackle most of the issues that affect question papers. QnSmart is backed by an 18-year old IT company which has crafted solutions for more than 250 academic institutions. The learnings from these associations have crafted the technology for QnSmart.

Uncompromised Question Paper Quality

Question banks are structured based on Blooms Taxonomy and other classifications that ensure quality system checks and question bank quality. The tool shall send you periodic notifications about Question Bank health. Options for Question Bank vetting by self, peers and experts makes it a fool-proof process.

Dedicated Support

We have a wonderful support team whose services will be available to you throughout. Implementation support of QnSmart by expert academicians ensure that your institution will be able to smoothly transition to this improved system of question paper creation.