Front End Development (UXD)

User Experience Design is all about engaging the customers and providing them the rich experience that will help to convert and retain them. UXD is an art that requires thinking from the customers shoes, while thinking out-of-the-box. It is also a science that needs to be data-driven, systematic and consistent in delivering results.

Designs can no longer be great when they are eye-candy, but they need to imbibe the vision of the business and help it deliver the goals. It requires multi-disciplinary approaches which ensure a unique blend of aesthetics, usability, interaction and effective brand communication.

At IPSR, User Experience focus is inculcated into the planning, design, development and testing cycles. We envisage an optimal UXD as the synthesis of user-centric designs, features and technology.

Our UXD Services include:

  • User interface engineering
  • User interaction design
  • User experience analysis and consultancy
  • Usability testing