Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, encompasses all digital methods, especially the internet, used to promote a business and create awareness as well as brand following for its product and services.

Modern day digital marketing involves various techniques related to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and other Online Advertising and most of all, Content marketing.

IPSR follows a data-driven approach in providing the following services

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have evolved and so should every SEO campaign be. SEO services from ipsr solutions can help you device a comprehensive strategy for your digital marketing activities, with a data-driven approach.


Analytics is all about collecting the maximum available data from all the accessible channels and deriving meaningful insights from analysing the same. We adopt, customize or build tools required for gathering and analysing data to prepare intelligent reports.

Competitive Intelligence

Business strategies are created based on meaningful information available to the management. This includes data about customers, products and services, competitors and other stakeholders. IPSR can device tools and methods to collect and analyses data to provide the intelligence information required by executives in decision making.

Social Media Analysis

With the emergence of Social Media, everything in the world appears more related than ever. Human beings and their activities link together individuals, organizations, events, places and various other things. IPSR can help you find the right strategy, by analysing the flow of information and opinion formation in your social media niches.