IT Infrastructure Management

At ipsr solutions, we offer excellent infrastructure services delivered as per ITIL standards. Our services are available 24 X 7 through a dedicated Technical Support Desk. We incorporate SLA-driven best practices based approach in offering infrastructure services. We offer Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) facilities with round the clock support. Our services extend to areas including:

Server Support

Proper server administration is a key factor that determines success in an IT based business environment. IPSR can provide Server Support, to ensure that business flows efficiently enabled by the IT infrastructure.


Virtualization helps an organisation to leverage on its existing hardware, to support varied software requirements by allowing different instances of Operating Systems to co-exist on them. Our experienced and certified virtualization experts can thus drastically bring down the cost of IT operations

Remote Monitoring

Use of Remote Monitoring can ensure that top-class managed services can be made available to the available IT infrastructure. The expertise of ipsr solutions’ Remote Monitoring team can enhance the reliability and stability of your servers and IT resources.

Server Security

Data and service security are of prime importance, in a modern day IT-dependant business. IPSR can help you set up multiple layers of server security, starting from a hardened server, well-configured firewall, proactive server updates and patches as well as religious security log analysis.